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N E W   B U I L D S

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Newly Built multi-million pound project, in idyllic surroundings.

Invicta Projects are experts at managing a project through from design to footings, construction, first fix, second fix and completion. In collaboration with a selection of the South East's finest sub-contractors across a multitude of trades. All whom share Invicta Projects' vision for excellence, with the collective skill to ensure the highest possible standards of work at all times. 

Planning and Architecture 

An inspired Architect is worth their weight in gold. Invicta Projects know this all too well and have spent a decade building close working relationships with a select few visionaries of the field.  Capable of sharing your ideas and designing something on paper.  In the form of detailed and methodically planned drawings for our team to carry into the construction phase.

Construction and First Fix

Invicta Projects' will ensure all of the relevant trades are booked and ready to bring the build up from the ground. With close working relationships with teams involved in ground work, brick laying, plumbing, electrical work, carpentry and roofing.

Second Fix and Completion

The finished look of your build is integral and so is the team put together to take on the task. As with all areas of a build, Invicta Projects have experienced and conscientious painters and decorators, along with their own fine eye for detail when it comes to all fixtures and fittings. 

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